Social media Team

managed by Grzegorz Noworyta

He is responsible for the Project’s social media communications. He creates posts, graphics, short videos, organizes online events and contests, and answers any questions from the audience.

Content team

managed by Dawid Gawlik

He researches Project topics, analyzes newspaper articles and verifies fake news. Prepares popular science studies and other factual content.

creative team

managed by Daniel Seweryński

He is responsible for creating scripts, recording meetings, interviews and street surveys carried out as part of the Project and editing the videos.

technical team

managed by Sebastian Smolarczyk

He takes care of the accessibility of the materials to the largest possible audience – he adds subtitles to the videos and translates the content into English. He also designs all evaluation activities.

strategy and promotion team

managed by Izabela Sojewska

She develops long-term strategy and schedule of activities, ensures consistency of work of other Teams. She organizes events, prepares press releases, photo reports of meetings, and contacts experts, partners and media.

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